Accolades for the 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity

It was a great congress! So many fantastic scientific lectures, in plenary sessions and in round tables presented by the best autoimmunologists in the world. It was, without any doubt, the best autoimmunity congress.
I appreciate the perfect organization and the pleasant way how all the invited and the attendants were received by the secretariat desk.
Indeed, the best and the greatest congress!!! Anxiously I´ll wait the 10th in Leipzig.

Carlos Dias, Portugal

A triumph.  The most stimulating meeting of all.  Many congratulations.
Many thanks, not only for leading the way in the world of auto-immunity, but for your generous hospitality to 'the family'.

Graham R V Hughes, UK

What a wonderful meeting with a wonderful organization at a wonderful site!
Thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed the conference, both from a scientific as well as an extracurricular viewpoint and learned a lot.
I was also satisfied with the reception of my talks that, e.g., resulted in several requests of students to join our group.
Since I am also running a diagnostic lab, I always take great care at the Autoimmunity Conferences to visit all the exhibitors and I again got numerous ideas to improve and extend our current test programs.
Finally, a special asset of these meetings is always the encounter of old acquaintances that one often does not see at other, less specialized events.

Georg Wick, Austria


As promised, this conference, Autoimmune 2014, was much bigger and much more impressive than Autoimmune 2012. It was a great privilege to present my work at this scientific conference. The presentations were educational, informative and thought provoking. I would like to congratulate you for the outstanding meeting.

Nathali Kaushansky, Israel


It was an honor for me to meet you at the 9th Autoimmunity Conference in France.
I would like to thank you for organizing the conference that brought together colleagues from all over the world in the Autoimmunity field.
It was the first time that I have attended such a Conference.
The Conference was well organized and extremely informative and I appreciate all the effort that has gone into making the event a success.

Mariam Kazim, Dubai


First and foremost, I wish to congratulate on the superb scientific and social outcome of the Conference.   
I am happy that some of my coworkers and colleagues that I contacted and I have previously mentioned have attended the Congress. The Metriopharm team was enthusiastic of the organization.
Many thanks again for inviting me and for the honour to co-chair a session and present my work on MIF inhibitors.

Ferdinando Nicoletti, Italy


The organizer does a very good job of enticing some of world's leading authorities to the conference by mixing interesting locales with high caliber science. I have heard of new concepts and developments in diabetes, autoimmunity, and atherosclerosis directly from top scientists.

Sok-Ja Kim Janket, USA


​I came back home full of enthusiasm after attending the Nice meeting. I enjoyed it very much and as it was said by several eminent speakers, the scientific level this year has again progressed a step further. It is certainly because you invited the right persons and also because the program was nicely balanced. 
All my thanks also to your so efficient staff. They are impressive, and always simply with the smile.

Sylviane Muller, France


Thank you very much indeed for the opportunity to speak at the Congress. It was a really great event for doctors and scientists. I've heard a lot of very positive evaluations about the congress among participants and I fully agree with them. For me, participation in a major international event was very important to strengthen my position at the University.

Victor Gurevitch, Russia


Thank you for all that you have done to help people, put on an excellent congress, and provide a forum for the vaccine and adjuvant issue.

Claire Dwoskin, USA


I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate to the wonderful meeting in Nice. Beautiful experience!

Claudio Lunardi, Italy


I take the opportunity to thank and congratulate you for this magnificent congress.

Luc Mouthon, France


Mazal tov on a spectacular meeting!

Michael Hayden, Canada


This is by far the best meeting you have organized. Everybody who is somebody in autoimmunity is here! I am looking forward to an even better meeting in Leipzig and beyond.

George C. Tsokos, USA


I wanted to write and thank you for including me in this excellent congress.  I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot.  The psoriatic arthritis session appeared to go well and there were many questions and discussions. Congratulations on a great meeting.

Christopher Edwards, UK


I enjoyed the meeting in Nice, and would like to thank you for the perfect organization and the highly informative programme. I hope that we can match that in Leipzig.

Torsten Witte, Germany


Thank you so much for the amazing congress in Nice, one of the most successful in all aspects: the scientific and the social programme, the facilities, accommodation etc. I enjoyed it a lot.

Juan-Manuel Anaya, Colombia


​It was indeed my pleasure and honour to attend the wonderful meeting you put together and also to speak on the topic of open access journals to such an important crowd. 
Yehuda, I would very much like to thank you for the wonderful support you have given BMC Medicine in your capacity as our editorial board member. Two years ago at the last autoimmunity congress, BMC was not mentioned in any of the sessions I attended. This year however in sessions I attended, 5 separate BMC Medicine papers were discussed, including the article on Hyperferritinemia syndrome in the plenary session. This is such great exposure for our journal and I am very grateful to you for your support in allowing this happen.

Sabina Alam, UK


First, let us congratulate you for the wonderful Congress that was just held in Nice. The scientific program was really exciting and the expert communications were very instructive. Many thanks also for offering us the opportunity to present our research on Adult-onset Still's disease.

Yvan Jamilloux and Pascal Sève


I really enjoyed the meeting and I wanted to congratulate you for such a successful meeting.
I think the session on Biosimilar was good with a lot of questions and interest in the audience. The publisher of Elsevier for Immunology came to meet me after the session and propose to do an issue on Biosimilar to be published maybe in Clinical Immunology. 
The organization was impeccable.

Maria Jose Cuadrado, UK


Allow me to join the flood of congratulations. The Nice meeting was ripe with cutting-edge science, with a unique family feeling and this clearly fits your "rigorously friendly" mold.

Carlo Selmi, Italy


It was a great pleasure to attend the 9th International Congress held last week in Nice.
The Congress was of great interest also to the Laboratory people, which are in a growing number each year. I, myself have learned a great deal and came back to Lisbon intellectually stimulated to embrace new projects.
Regarding the EASI Forum, this year, in my personal opinion, this was a great forum, maybe the best forum that I have attended. The group is stimulated and growing and the projects are very interesting.

Maria José Rego de Sousa, Portugal


Thanks for a both scientifically as socially outstanding meeting! Congratulations!

Cees Kallenberg, The Netherlands


Congratulations for the best Autoimmunity Congress so far. 
I am sure the next one will be even better because you always are able to progress!

Angela Tincani, Italy


It has been a great pleasure  for me and for the members of our Association "WEGENER INFOS ET AUTRES VASCULARITES" to participate to this unforgettable meeting-day of march the 29 .in NICE. We appreciated the excellent talks and the quality of all discussions.

Bernard Piastra, France


I am writing to you to thank you for inviting me at the Autoimmunity Congress. 
The meeting was amazing from many points of view! It was not only science, but also the feeling of being part of what you define the "Autoimmunity family". Every participant was happy to be there.

Marta Mosca, Italy


I was more than happy, to get the possibility related the video work for the Cancer and Autoimmune session. There was real interest, the lecture room was completely full, and you arranged a colourful scientific program. - I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. - I am so proud to be involved in your broad Autoimmune Family, to get the Gold Member Pin, to attend the high scientific level and hot clinical impact sessions, to attend the super opening ceremony, with the video with my daily works.

Beatrix Kotlan, Hungary


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tremendous hospitality and for all what you have done and are still doing for Autoimmunity! It will make me happy to contribute as much as I can to make the next conference an even greater success than this one.

Guenter Steiner, Austria


Let me to tell you that I really enjoyed the 9th international congress on autoimmunity, a great scientific experience in a very pleasant city. I have also to thank you for giving me the opportunity to chair a session; it was the first time for me in a so important international congress and I really appreciated this chance.

Luca Iaccarino, Italy


​Words are not enough to congratulate you, Kenes and your family dream team for this really enthusiastic 9th autoimmunity international congress held in our city of Nice. Given the quality, the diversity of the presentations and the brilliant renowned speakers, but also the wonderful seamless organisation, we can imagine the hard work you had to provide for two years!
Themes we proposed Eric and I, such as kidney and autoimunity, infection and autoimunity, were rich, diversified and attracted a lot of colleagues and we feel confident that the two years from now up to Leipzig will strengthen these subjects and bring autoimmunity diseases new research or clinical data.

Eric Rosenthal and Sylvia Benzaken, France


​I attended the Autoimmunity Congress in Nice and The French Patients Forum, thanks to your kind offer and your colleagues' efforts to assure me a special reduced fee and all the information I requested.
It was a rewarding experience for me and I am very grateful for this opportunity. 
 I am very happy with my experience in Nice and I consider I learned a lot of new and useful things.
But, most of all, I met important people and established new contacts from with the patients associations in Europe and USA.

Nadia Radulescu, Romania

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